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Consumers and employees increasingly demand that corporations act socially responsible. This is why Givetastic offers an efficient way to increase employee engagement in the process of Corporate Social Responsibility and to boost a positive reputation. Givetastic provides companies with a mobile wallet that enables them to give each individual employee a defined part of their corporate donation amount so that employees can choose from over 20.000 social and environmental projects.


The Givetastic App is more than just charity: SMEs can engage their employees in corporate giving and thus raise their employee acquisition and retention rate. Especially young generations (X, Y) have higher expectations when it comes to the workplace, as they desire to work for socially responsible corporations to increase their sense of meaning and belonging. Apart from employees, consumers also decidedly express their preference for socially responsible corporations.


Attracting and retaining talent will be a growing challenge in the future, so activities that build on core values and inspire employees are key. 

- McKinsey on CSR


Source: Making the most of corporate social responsibility

The Founders


Die Idee der App, also gezieltes Helfen und gleichzeitige Selbstwirksamkeit von Mitarbeitern in Unternehmen zu stimulieren hatte sofort unsere Zustimmung 


- Uwe Berger, B&B Marketing Agentur

Ethical behavior of firms will enable them to achieve a competitive advantage because it will develop lasting, productive relationships with stakeholders.

- Jones 1995


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